Artificial intelligence :

Robots are just one aspect of artificial intelligence. Although today’s computers are more potent and capable of extremely quick computations and calculations, most machines lack the intelligence and intelligence of people. The brain is more intelligent than a microprocessor. Machines and technologies are being made to think and behave like people thanks to artificial intelligence.

Machines Learning :

A branch of computer science called machine learning, one of the approaches to artificial intelligence, use more statistical methods and algorithms to carry out tasks autonomously. To teach machines using machine learning algorithms how to handle a specific task, programmers utilise training sets. After training, the machine learning system can do the work alone.

There are three divisions in machine learning.

Learning under supervision: output is specified
Unsupervised learning: Undefined output
Reinforcement learning – based on credits

Cloud Computing :

The on-demand availability of computer system resources, in particular data storage and processing power, without direct active supervision by the user is known as cloud computing. Functions in large clouds are frequently dispersed over several sites, each of which is a data centre.

Product Development :

We work on different industry niche product development using wide variety of technologies .